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The Fishbowl Holiday CD
Christmas in the Fishbowl

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It's warm. It's fuzzy. It's funny.
It's a candy cane for your CD player.

Christmas in the Fishbowl” is the ultimate stocking stuffer for any reality television fan on your Christmas list. This Holiday CD is only available exclusively at

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Christmas in the Fishbowl CD Back Cover
America's Favorite Survivor Rupert Boneham
Partial proceeds for this album will go to Rupert Boneham's charity, "Rupert's Kids"
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Ten of your favorite reality television personalities have come together to record thirteen tracks of holiday fun. “Christmas in the Fishbowl” is a compilation of our favorite carols, some others that we've put a twist on and a couple of original holiday songs.

Featured Artists:

Nikki McKibbin
(American Idol)
Jenna Lewis
(Survivor: All-Stars)
Rob Cesternino
(Survivor: All-Stars)
Toni Ferrari
(Paradise Hotel)
Jess Harnell
(Drawn Together)
Alton Williams
(The Real World: Las Vegas )
Lori Trespicio
(The Real World: Back to New York )
J.D. Adams
(American Idol 2)
Dennis Luciani
(Average Joe)
Brad Estrin
(American Idol)

Track Song Title Artist
Jingle Bells 2.0 (Click for Sample) Nikki McKibbin (American Idol)
Silent Night (Click for Sample) Lori Trespicio (The Real World: Back to New York )
O Holy Night J.D. Adams (American Idol 2)
Deck the Halls Toni Ferrari (Paradise Hotel), Nikki McKibbin
12 Minutes of Fame (Click for Sample) Rob Cesternino (Survivor: All-Stars)
I Wish You A Merry Christmas J.D. Adams, Nikki McKibbin
The First Noel Brad Estrin (American Idol)
I Miss Your Love (On Christmas Day) Jess Harnell (Drawn Together)
O Come All Ye Faithful Nikki McKibbin
Hark the Herald Angels Sing Dennis Luciani (Average Joe)
Christmas Wrap Alton Williams (The Real World: Las Vegas)
Auld Lang Syne Jenna Lewis (Survivor: All-Stars)
Lets Make Christmas Real This Year (Click for Sample) The Fishbowl Holiday Singers

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The Holiday CD!